Self-Expression and Instagram

Social media has almost become the epitome of everyday life. You check it before your feet have even touched the floor in the morning. So what makes it so addictive?

I think that instagram, specifically, is an artistic outlet for many people. When others see something they like, they hit follow. Instagram allows for people to express themselves freely to an audience that has the same interests.

I think that many people using Instagram like to see real life situations shown in a creative way. They want to see a life that they wish they were living.


Response to Zine Feedback

Today I walked into class, proud of what I’d created in a matter of days. We each threw our zine’s onto the table for a group critique. We spent the first half of our day discussing two zine’s. Each were incredibly creative and well done, but I wasn’t sure of how constructive the criticism was. It seemed as if the class was just throwing out things to say to get us through the day. I was most inspired and learned more by looking at the other students zine’s, than hearing some of the feedback. We did talk about terms in more depth, such as product value, which will help the outcome of my future products and further my success in this course.

After break, we quickly looked at my zine for feedback. I received the comments that I had good photos and graphic design, but my theme was too literal. In the creation of my zine, I felt that my photos would reflect a different way of seeing things because of the edits I incorporated. I became upset, because my idea wasn’t perceived as I thought it would. I wish that I had been told during the creation of my zine that my idea was taken too literal, so that I could have broadened my view.

Although it was not the feedback I was hoping for, I was very proud of the images and final product I created. It also motivated me to broaden my way of thinking for ideas, for future projects, that are not quite so literal. When we have our next group critique, I hope that we are able to quickly look at each others work and say exactly how we feel – instead of having to force it out of each other.

World of Fashion and Film 5.0

When watching the Burberry ‘trailer’,  I found myself very intrigued. Because I watched it before I read the article, I became very disappointed to find out it was not to become a movie. I think this new way of fashion filming is incredibly smart, because it is entirely about the brand and it leaves you wanting more. It will draw more people into the brand and what it is about — which of course leads to more sales.

Ways of Seeing

John Berger, a man who helped change the way people saw culture and art, is still very influential after his passing — possibly now more than ever. After reading this article about him by Dazed magazine,, I realised how correct his words were and how they reflected my own life. In Ways of Seeing, Episode 2 he says, “A woman is always accompanied, except when quite alone, and perhaps even then, by her own image of herself. While she is walking across a room or weeping at the death of her father, she cannot avoid envisioning herself walking or weeping. From earliest childhood she is taught and persuaded to survey herself continually. She has to survey everything she is and everything she does, because how she appears to others – and particularly how she appears to men – is of crucial importance for what is normally thought of as the success of her life.” When I was little, I preferred to play with worms over barbies, I always had dirt on my face, and I was on the opposite end of proper. I remember my grandma telling me that I needed to learn the right way to be a lady. To learn how to walk with books on my head, to stand and sit with my shoulders back, to eat with the right fork and eat without my elbows on the table. I could not comprehend why these things would make me a lady. Who created these guidelines to be proper?  Why did I need to do these things to impress a man? Even though my grandma finally condoned my tomboy ways, she still did everything in her power to trim me into a proper lady. Although I will never agree with the sexist ways of the past, I will still catch myself looking in a window as I walk by. Not in a conceded way, but to make sure I look ok for others in public. In certain situations, I’ll make sure I’m not eating with my elbows at the table. So many of these habits that have been instilled in me since I was young are impossible to quit. I do continuously survey myself for others, just like John Berger had said. I believe if women still want to teach their daughters these ways, they should teach them to do it for themselves and not for men.


I surrealistrecently picked up a used book called “Surrealist Art” by Sarane Alexandrian at a small bookshop on a barge near Central St. Martins. I was drawn to it because I am intrigued by surrealist art, but did not know as much as I would have liked to about it. Reading it reiterated my love for surrealism, because these artists aim to obstruct any form of conscious ways of thinking — reaching deeper into their subconscious to make something truly creative. Some artists would wake up from a dream with a canvas at the foot of their bed and begin to create it. That is quite literally reaching into the subconscious to create something different. Some of my favourite pieces from this book are Portrait and Blue 2 by Joan Miro, Mae West by Salvator Dali, Decalcomania by Oscar Dominguez, Profile of a Man by Alexander Calder, Agony by Arshile Gorky (also the best name), and The Green Ray by Marcel Duchamp. I found this book to not only be informative, but inspiring to create something different as well.